Precision Medicine

Verdem Health now provides both direct-to-consumer and insurance-subsidized precision medicine screenings solutions through our state-of-the-art non-interventional testing. Through various partnerships, we are continuously developing and expanding consumer market products to help make the various products in biotechnology accessible the market at affordable rates.


Verdem Health  and it’s affiliates will help manage insurance claims, testing measures, and staffing for genetic testing specialist free of charge to all physician offices and small hospital systems. Our current turn-around to establish this service is 2-4 weeks, should your office seek our services.


For healthcare practitioners and executives interested in integrating precision medicine services as a means of diversifying and improving your practice, please fill out the form here .


For laboratory companies looking to expand into the specialty laboratory market, please inquire here.


If you are a patient interested in being tested for any of our various products or would like more information, please email or inquire here .